For Banks and Investors

Empower customers and portfolio companies to account for their emissions - so you can account for yours.

Sustainability linked loans, net zero targets?

Make informed investment decisions, reduce risk, and meet compliance obligations by empowering companies you lend to or invest in to start accounting for their own impact. It's time to bring everyone along on the journey to net zero.

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True value chain engagement isn't about spreadsheets and questionnaires. It's about setting the expectation while providing technology, education and ongoing support to achieve it.

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Bring everyone along with Sumday.

  • Start carbon accounting at a granular level.
  • Set requirements for investees to provide carbon emissions data across scope 1, 2, and 3.
Then provide those investees with access to Sumday so they can:
  • upskill their internal or external accounting teams in carbon accounting standards and practical reporting requirements.
  • access ongoing technical support as they prepare their first emissions report.
  • access the intuitive carbon accounting software to do the work.
  • share outputs with their value chain with ease, including financiers.

Sumday, is now.

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