Better Together.
Solving your biggest challenge

Improve the quality of your scope 3 data by providing valuable support, to every company in your value chain.

Suppliers, borrowers and portfolio companies often make up over 90% of your overall emissions. Without primary data, that ~90% is kinda made up.

Your subscription includes the ability to pass on software, training and support to every company in your value chain.

Engaging your value chain with (and without) Sumday

Teach everyone how to fish and start getting consistent, audit ready GHG reports from every company, every year - this is the future of accounting.

Organisations using Sumday provide companies with:

Access to comprehensive training in line with global GHG Protocol

Access to Sumday's Accounting Support team, CPAs and CAs who are ready to answer your questions

Full access to Sumday's carbon accounting software to streamline the accounting process

Training for finance teams or external accountants to provide support throughout the process

Weekly emails and tutorial videos that guide the preparation of an audit ready emissions assessment

Visibility of primary emissions factors from suppliers once their assessment is complete

Organisations without Sumday provide companies with:

Nothing; or

A request for suppliers to set an SBTi target

Links to the GHG Protocol and SBTi or other general resources

A form requesting self reported data from suppliers (and hope its verifiable) or a request to complete detailed spreadsheets without sufficient guidance

Three unavoidable truths

Your scope 3 emissions won't reflect your actual value chain unless you can engage and replace averages with actuals.

You can not reduce scope 3 emissions without data from your value chain - no SBTi Net Zero target will actually be reached.

You can't make procurement or investment decisions based on carbon impact without reliable data from your value chain.

Without primary data, you'll be relying on industry averages that are not indicative of your actual scope 3 emissions.

What’s in it for your business?

Good vibes for taking an education and community driven approach to this scope 3 challenge

The ability to demonstrate that you have attempted to remove the barriers to accessing primary data in a practical way - something you can disclose

Access to primary emissions factors for every business that completes their emissions assessment

Increased chances of improving the quality of your scope 3 data over time 


If we haven’t answered your question below, feel free to get in touch

Do you offer discounts for NFPs?

Yes! Sumday provides a 50% discount. Just email and let us know a little about your organisation.

Is access to the Sumday Accounting Support team and training included in our subscription?

Yes it is! We're here to help every step of the way. Carbon accounting may be overwhelming to your team members who are doing it for the first time. Sumday is their new best friend, providing training, tips, tricks, support and examples to help your organisation get started in a positive way.

Can Sumday help us communicate the value of carbon accounting to our suppliers?

Yes. You can pass on 10 weeks of free access to Sumday to every supplier, to help them get started (in many cases, they won't have a choice but to get on with carbon accounting, so you can add value through this support). Sumday supports you with materials and webinars to communicate the why behind carbon accounting to your supply chain.

How long does it take to train our finance team in carbon accounting?

The Introduction to Carbon Accounting Course consists of 18 chapters, with around 5 hours of videos and worked examples that may take 2 - 3 hours to complete in total. There's plenty of additional reading and notes to review - so the short answer is, it depends. Some people finish the course in a few days, some a few weeks. Taking 20 hours to complete this course wouldn't be unreasonable.



Incorporate Sumday’s Better Together program into your own ESG strategy, talk to us about hosting joint webinars to really bring suppliers or portfolio companies along on your journey.

Enable easy sign ups to the Better Together program from your own website or ESG materials.

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