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Introduction to the learning platform

Introduction to the learning platform

A quick introduction to the Sumday platform and how to navigate it

Navigating the platform

When you first access the Sumday learning course you immediately start off with an introduction to your course instructor Lindsay Ellis. You can click through the modules on the left, however you won't be able to see the content until you complete the contact in the prior modules, but it does provide a good way of going back to review prior modules once they're completed.

When you've completed a section you must click "Complete & Continue" at the bottom of the page to record your progress and move to the next section.

You can click in the top left of the screen to take you to your dashboard.

My Dashboard

In My Dashboard you will see the following:

  • There's a list of your courses in the middle of the page for you to select from.
  • There is a button to take you to the Sumday community in the bottom section of the page where you can post questions and interact with other Sumday advisors.
  • In the top right you can click on your name to navigate to your account or reach out to support.

My Account

Under the account section you'll be able to update your details, change passwords and view certificates obtained from completed courses.


Clicking on support will take you to your email to reach out to Sumday support for assistance at

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