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The Sumday Accounting Platform
Introduction to the Platform

Introduction to the Platform

An intro on how to navigate the Sumday Platform

Navigating the platform

When you first login to Sumday you'll land on the Home page. There are some introductory steps here you can follow to start your first assessment.

Down the left of the screen there are the following buttons:

  • Organisation dropdown menu - this is a list of all the organisations that use Sumday who have selected you as their carbon accounting advisor.
  • Home - this can be clicked to bring you back to the initial landing page at any time.
  • Dashboards - this section initially displays dashboards with dummy data to illustrate what the final dashboards might look like hen an assessment has been completed.
  • Carbon HQ - this is where you enter data required to complete the assessment, as well as store and manage files in the folder library.
  • Learning - this is where the Carbon Accounting Course is located, which provides a comprehensive free training course to understand everything you need to know to start carbon accounting using Sumday. It includes a library of Sumday work papers that can be used to prepare the assessment. It also includes some relevant article relating to carbon accounting.
  • Requests - this is where you can ask questions of the organisation you're completing an assessment for about their operation.
  • Help/FAQ - this is where you can suggest a feature or request help from Sumday.
  • Account - this is where you can manage your account details, including billing and users. You can also navigate here by clicking on the person in the bottom left.


You can use requests to ask questions of the organisation you're completing an assessment for about their operation.

When you click ask a question, you're given a text field to write your question, in addition to a set of tags in the top right to categories the question, which will make it easier to organise them later on. You can also post attachments to questions by clicking the attach button, to provide the client examples, and questionaires.

You can also click on the "Send Set Questions" button to select from common questions you may need to ask a client, this is particularly helpful for kick-off meetings at the start of an engagement.


The first tab you'll see shows you the details of yourself and your organisation. Under your details you can change your username and password. Under your organisations details you can update the organisation's name, address and logo.

From here you can click in the top ribbon to navigate to billing, where you can view the status of your subscription, including the date your subscription ends. You can view your latest invoice and manage your subscription.

You can also click in the top ribbon to navigate to users, where you can add or remove users assigned to the organisation.

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