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Sumday Subscriptions - how does it work?

Sumday Subscriptions - how does it work?

Everything you need to know about how our subscriptions work.

Accounting firms or advisory practices pay $85 per month (per office) to use Sumday (with unlimited users). This gives every user access to the Introduction to Carbon Accounting Course, Learning Library, Advisor Support and a Sumday account to complete a carbon assessment for your own business. For example, you can upskill a team of 20 people in your office on Carbon Accounting in line with global standards for $85 per month.

The subscription can be cancelled at any time. Sumday becomes free once you have five clients with active Sumday subscriptions. For firms with a national or international footprint who are rolling out Sumday, national pricing is available, you can contact to learn more about this.

Client Subscriptions

Each of your client’s will need a Sumday subscription in order for you to do their carbon accounting. They will be able to access their Sumday platform, see the results, interact with you as their advisor and add in as many users from their company as they like.

Pricing for clients is currently based on their revenue. You can access all pricing on the Sumday website under Pricing. Business subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually but require a 12 month lock in. If businesses pay up front they receive a discount, if you set up the account for them, you can pass on your Sumday Certified Advisor Discounts.

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