We’re committed to supporting the transition to Net zero

Our why

At Summit, we believe in the necessity of balancing economic growth with ecological stewardship. Our commitment to sustainability reflects in every facet of our operations and is deeply rooted in our corporate ethos. We recognize that our planet's resources are finite, and we must take proactive steps to ensure that we not only safeguard but also enrich the environment for future generations.

Our goals


We plan to reduce our emissions to net-xero by 2050


We aim for 80% of our suppliers to be carbon accounting by 2024


We aim to use 100% renewable energy
by 2025

We need you to join
us on this journey.

Why we need your help

Scope 3 emissions include those that come from our supply chain, they contribute to our overall carbon footprint. We're on a mission to reduce this, but we need to work with our entire value chain to gather high quality data in order to do so.

A world of averages.

Historically, industry averages have been used for carbon accounting, resulting in low-quality data that can’t be used to accurately measure emission reduction. The world deserves better, which is why we’re working hard with our entire value chain to build primary data into our accounting.

The future relies on actuals.

We want to track and reduce our carbon emissions, so we need to understand the actual carbon emissions associated with our valued suppliers. This is new for many of us, so let's start off on the right foot, leading with education and support to improve the quality of our data.

How you can get started

Gathering momentum behind any big change can take time. If you've already started carbon accounting, we'd love to understand your process more. If audit ready carbon accounting across scope 1, 2 and 3 is new, simply start with up-skilling and setting a baseline. This puts us both in a better position, win win.

Start carbon accounting

Make carbon accounting an extension of your financial accounting and reporting, committing to an auditable standard.

Net zero targets

Set emission reduction targets to work towards, understand what's required to get there and set the tone for your own future.


Be open to working together with stakeholders to reduce emissions over time. There's power in numbers and we're all ears.

Need help? We’ve got you.

We're using Sumday to learn more about carbon accounting and to engage with our valued stakeholders. We're passing on the same educational resources, software and support to you - so we can all move forward together.

Education and Resources

Access educational resources for your team or external advisors on how to complete a baseline emissions assessment or improve your existing assessment to be in line with global standards for scope 1 - 3. Use the online courses, templates and guides.

Accounting Software

Carbon accounting is fast becoming an extension of financial accounting and reporting for businesses of every size. Accounting software is required to streamline this process. You can use Sumday to embed carbon accounting.

Genuine Support

It's inevitable that we will all have questions on this new wave of accounting. Sumday's dedicated accounting support team is ready to answer your questions, while helping provide guidance on your journey from completing a baseline to setting targets.

Sumday is now.
Let's move forward together.