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Market leading GHG accounting training, software and support for your company and every single business in your supply chain.

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Trusted around the world

Trusted around the world

Accounting Software for a new era of carbon accounting

Use Sumday to account for carbon emissions in line with global standards.
Know where you stand and get ahead of the curve on reporting requirements.

Audit ready accounting

Built by advisors, for advisors

The future of accounting includes carbon - meet your client needs with Sumday.

Rapidly upskill your team in global carbon accounting standards.

Complete audit ready and transparent carbon accounting and reporting.

Stay in control with features that meet stakeholder expectations like dashboards, Carbon General Ledger and Carbon Trial Balance reports.

We’re for companies (of any size)

That's the magic - we're for you, and your supply chain.

For Enterprise

Build internal knowledge and save costs - let the team start carbon accounting or engage your existing advisors

Dashboards, data and reporting at your fingertips - reduce the risk of greenwashing

Provide every company in your value chain with access to free training and software - remove the barriers to accessing high quality scope 3 data

For Small to Medium Businesses

Engage your existing accountants to uncover your impact - view the results across your dashboards and reports

Understand how you can move the needle and share the story of your progress with customers

Ask your suppliers if they know the carbon impact of their goods and services, if they don't, provide free access to Sumday to help them find out

For Banks and Investors

Prepare for upcoming compliance requirements and save costs by training the internal team in carbon accounting

Audit ready carbon accounting and reporting, easily report to stakeholders and start to measure carbon ROI

Improve scope 3 data quality and add value at the same time by providing every customer or portfolio company with free access to training and software

Why Sumday?

Be audit you can be

Sumday is built for teams who want to make audit ready accounting part of business as usual. Sumday provides a road map out of industry averages by leading with education, across the entire supply chain.

How are we different?

Education first - train your team and build internal knowledge

Sumday works for accountants and businesses of any size - enjoy the efficiency of using the same accounting software as your SMB suppliers

Accessible and affordable - subscription pricing that doesn't cost the earth, so you can focus on saving it.  

What people are saying

We're making audit ready accounting accessible for every business.

"Sumday deeply understands the future of accounting and the power that’s contained in companies’ ledgers. By changing the way our businesses reconcile their books we can drive systems change and properly incorporate the value of the natural world around us. Wedgetail is incredibly excited to be part of the Sumday journey and help to tackle climate change and nature loss with accountants everywhere.”

Lisa Kate Miller

CEO and Founder, Wedgetail

"Sumday has a true advantage in building a product that understands where carbon accounting is heading and who will be helping businesses grapple with the implications of it (the accountants!).”

Cameron Adams

Founder, Canva

“In order to accelerate climate investment over the coming decades, we need a better approach to understand how, and precisely to what degree, these investments will reduce our emissions. We need the same rigor in carbon accounting as we demand across financial accounting as table stakes. Sumday is building the tools to make this accessible for every business.”

Michael Tolo

Partner, Blackbird Ventures

“Carbon accounting will become part of the evolution of our business, accommodation and sustainability journey. We've wanted to understand it for our own knowledge to help us inform our decisions going forward in lowering our carbon and environmental footprint, and communicate that to guests along the way. We've already included a snapshot of our work with Sumday on our website.”

Kylie Bell

Co-Founder, Compass Hut

“Forico has been measuring our carbon emissions for a couple of years now and there’s a number of reasons we like working with Sumday. We love the passion they have for this space and the opportunity to share the learnings we have around the GHG Protocol and reporting, and how we’re telling our story. There’s a real alignment with Sumday’s values and the desire that you can do something, not just talk about it, that you can provide a solution.”

Rayne van den Berg

CFO, Forico

“Our initial conversation with Sumday and our accountants was about understanding our footprint. If we get ahead of the curve now, and tell the real story about our carbon footprint, then that further informs the narrative we’ve built for ourselves."

Andrew Morgan

Co-Founder, Hydrowood

“If Tas Irrigation can encourage more people to have a look at carbon accounting that’s great…It's not scary. There's a lot to learn and it is a little bit different to the work the team does, but, with the systems from the experts, like Sumday, we will be right.”

James Hipwood

CFO, Tasmanian Irrigation


If we haven’t answered your question below, get in touch at any time.

Which countries does Sumday support?

Every country! Our data is currently best for North America, UK, NZ and Australia but Sumday can be used by businesses and advisors in any location. We'll let you know up front the extent of our coverage in your region in relation to available emissions factors.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! 30 days on us, we'll take you through the platform and answer your initial questions - no credit card required.

Do I have to be an accountant to use Sumday?

Nope. Sumday is used globally by accountants, bookkeepers and businesses of all sizes. For many businesses we recommend having your accountant do the nuts and bolts of the carbon accounting for you - as they have the skills, and often the data, to complete this - but if you have the knowledge and you're not an accountant, you can use Sumday to meet the needs of your company.

Is the training and support included in my subscription?

Absolutely. Access to the Sumday Academy is included within every subscription - courses, training and support from accountants at your fingertips.

What does Sumday cost?

Sumday offers an affordable subscription model for both advisors and businesses of any size (and we don't lock you in). If you're an advisor, go to the For Advisors page and explore pricing there. If you're a small and medium business, check out pricing under your page. If you're an enterprise business, reach out for pricing. Sumday provides a 50% discount for not for profit organisations. Sumday is free for Māori owned businesses in Aotearoa and Indigenous owned businesses in Australia.

How does Sumday work with advisors?

Think of Sumday as your carbon accounting go-to. Complete with software, the emissions factor database you need, educational resources and accounting support. You still own the client relationship, use Sumday to help deliver carbon accounting services to your clients with confidence. You don't just refer clients to Sumday and then...crickets. You're their trusted advisor, delivering the value, empowered by Sumday.

Here to help

Whether it’s product or accounting support, we have a dedicated team to guide you through the process. We’re here when you need us.