Think accounting is boring? Think again.

Students and graduates, sumday you’ll be the ones sorting out this climate crisis!

The Sumday Academy is where you’ll find the resources and community you need to be part of the solution. Get ready to start accounting for things that matter, beyond dollars and cents.

Best of all, we've made access free for students.

Sumday accountants will save the world - here’s your kick start:

Access to the online, self paced Introduction to Carbon Accounting Course - the same one partners and managers at the best firms in the world are training their teams with.

Assets and certificates when you finish the course, so you can signal your interest and training to future employers.

An invite to join our community, talk shop and ask questions about accounting for things that matter, beyond dollars and cents.

The ability to create a profile for the Sumday talent board, accessible to partner firms who are already offering carbon accounting as a service.

Keen? Sign up here and we’ll be in touch.


What does Sumday for students cost?

Nothing, you’re a student or a grad. Save the $ for noodles 🍜

What’s the hourly commitment?

It’s delivered online, at your own pace, so move through the course and join the discussions whenever you want.

Do I have to sit the exam at the end of the course?

No, but if you want that shiny certificate (and you know you do) then yes. It’s not like your career depends on it, but the planet might….no pressure.

Is this what employers are looking for?

The good ones are, yeah.

What do I get at the end that will facilitate a humble brag on social media?

A good looking certificate. Obviously. Little bit of merch? maybe.

Who is eligible to sign up?

Students enrolled in any degree at any university and graduates in their first year (regardless of whether your employer is carbon accounting or using Sumday). Not at uni but keen to upskill? Apply and let us know when it asks why you’re interested.