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Carbon reporting software comparison

How Sumday compares to carbon calculators and enterprise ESG software

Most Enterprise ESG Software
Most Carbon Calculators
Affordable, accessible pricing

We believe businesses of every size should have access to affordable carbon accounting software and support to produce audit ready reporting.

Our subscription model is accessible, allowing customers to allocate resources towards business-specific support and advice from their advisors. 

Affordable but far from audit ready

Training accountants and finance teams

Businesses and accountants need to understand both the why and the how behind carbon accounting. All Sumday subscriptions provide access to the Sumday Academy. This includes access to practical courses and templates to rapidly up-skill your team. With Sumday, you'll have the expertise to take control of your company or client’s carbon accounting and make a real impact. All of our courses are self-paced.

Ongoing training and resources

We operate from an education-first standpoint. So we’re continually evolving and developing learning materials to stay on top of changing standards, and emerging carbon accounting requirements.

Access to our Accounting Support team

Our team of Chartered Accountants and Certified Practicing Accountants are highly experienced in the sustainability standards landscape.

No matter your query, we’re here to help as you navigate this exciting but new area of accounting. 

Xero integration

Leverage your existing accounting platform for the purposes of carbon accounting with our easy Xero integration. 


Full Transparency over Emissions Factors - there's a ledger for that

Carbon accounting relies on conversion factors, or emissions factors, to convert your data (like $ or litres) into an equivalent amount of carbon. At Sumday, we understand the importance of being audit ready, you need to know what makes up your footprint and the source of that data. Sumday's Carbon General Ledger Report sets out every transaction, the emissions factor database and specific number that was used in the calculation.

Very few

Efficient carbon bookkeeping at the transaction level

Sumday is built upon transparency and rigour - we take a best practice approach. Sumday supports a transaction based assessment while encouraging the use of activity data. Every transaction can be assessed and have an emission factor applied - you have the control to make a professional judgement call and where relevant, you can make appropriate disclosures around your assumptions because...

"our software magically gave us the number" probably doesn't cut it.

Very few

Very few

Maintain the audit trail with worksheets for each emissions category

Sumday’s worksheet-based approach provides a complete audit trail, you can see what is making up your emissions beneath every category.

Some limited form of this

Some limited form of this

Dashboard Reporting

Visualize your data across interactive dashboards.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 capability

Measure and report on emissions across every category.

Template workpapers

A library of excel based workpaper templates and business case tools to support a robust audit trail and emission reduction strategies.

Support for every business in your value chain

Our focus is on accurate data collection. Scope 3 is a challenge and we take an education first approach to it. With Sumday you can pass on free access to software, training and support to every business in your value chain for 10 weeks. Help them get started with audit ready accounting and improve your own data quality over time as you replace averages with actuals.

Some may enable you to pass on access to their software, but limited training or support is provided to help the business get started.

Designed for accountants to do the accounting

Your accountant can use Sumday to complete your carbon accounting to an audit ready standard. It's designed for them to do it right.

Multiple language support

Value chains are global and your operations might be too, so we’re built to support multiple languages.

on request

Very few

Here to help

Whether it’s product or accounting support, we have a dedicated team to guide you through the process. We’re here when you need us.