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Advisor foundation course

Introduction to carbon accounting

For Advisor users who are  carbon accounting- aimed at accountants, bookkeepers and finance professionals

Business Foundation Course

Carbon accounting for businesses

For business users who need to understand the data required, where it may be found and why its important to the business

Academy resources

Courses for accountants on how to prepare a baseline emissions assessment in line with global standards

Courses on specific categories and standards such as financed emissions and PCAF 

Courses to help provide context to the broader business about carbon accounting

Excel based templates to build business case for emission reduction 

Tutorials on how to use templates 

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Introduction to carbon accounting course

18 Chapters to work through online, in your own time

Introduction to Carbon Accounting
Carbon Accounting Framework
Setting Boundaries
Scope 1 & 2 Overview
Scope 3 Overview
Scope 1 - Mobile Combustion
Scope 1 - Stationary Combustion
Scope 1 - Fugitive and Process Emissions
Scope 2 - Purchased Electricity
Scope 3 - Purchased Goods and Services & Capital Goods
Scope 3 - Upstream Transportation
Scope 3 - Waste Generated in Operations
Scope 3 - Business Travel
Scope 3 - Employee Commuting
Scope 3 - Upstream Leased Assets
Scope 3 - Other Categories
Emissions Intensity Reporting
Business Cases - Advisory Work 101

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