Who we are.

Our DNA.

Sumday exists to bring the same rigour, transparency, and trust to non-financial accounting that we expect from financial accounting. With the commercial and regulatory landscape now demanding it, companies and consumers want to know that those they buy from, lend to or invest in are sustainable. Audit ready carbon accounting is in our DNA, with an early life as an accounting firm ourselves- we understand what best practice looks like.

Our founders.

Our team is made up of accountants, auditors, and advisors who have spent years preparing financial reports, sweating over the numbers, and presenting insights that drive decision making.

Our Chief Product Officer, Danny, has almost 20 years of experience as an accountant and is building the accounting software companies and their accountants desperately need. Our Chief Operating Officer, Lindsay, started life as an auditor before undertaking formal education in sustainability and natural resource economics in the EU, well before it was cool. Our CEO, Jessica, started life as a commercial lawyer - we’re constantly alert to the risks associated with the move from voluntary disclosures to mandatory reporting and the impact data and communication has on various stakeholders. These perspectives filter through to everything we do at Sumday.

Education First

We take an education-first approach to carbon accounting and the scope 3 challenge. It’s never going to be enough to simply ask suppliers for data and hope their answers are reliable, we believe it's essential to empower them with the knowledge they need to participate in the transition.

Welcome to the future of accounting.
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What our investors say.

“In order to accelerate climate investment over the coming decades, we need a better approach to understand how, and precisely to what degree, these investments will reduce our emissions. We need the same rigor in carbon accounting as we demand across financial accounting as table stakes. Sumday is building the tools to make this accessible for every business.”

Michael Tolo

Partner, Blackbird

"Sumday have a true advantage in building a product that understands where carbon accounting is heading and who will be helping businesses grapple with the implications of it (the accountants!) We were even more excited to learn that they’re thinking even *further* ahead to take natural capital accounting into account, which will be the next important wave in addressing the impact that we all have on biodiversity and the planet.”

Cameron Adams

Canva, Co-Founder

"Jessica Richmond, Lindsay Ellis and Danny Hoare deeply understand the future of accounting and the power that’s contained in companies’ ledgers. By changing the way our businesses reconcile their books we can drive systems change and properly incorporate the value of the natural world around us. Wedgetail is incredibly excited to be part of the Sumday journey and help to tackle climate change and nature loss with accountants everywhere!"

Lisa Miller

CEO of Wedgetail