Who we are.

Our Vision

We see a world where accounting systems have transformed the global economy into a force for good.

So we're on a mission to empower every organisation to account for impact beyond dollars and cents, accelerating better outcomes for people and the planet.

Our Values

Grapple With the Hard 🪨
We deal with the hard things - the unanswered questions, the overwhelming challenges and the tough conversations. We don’t oversimplify for the sake of it, we go deep on complex problems to understand how we can truly solve them for our customers.

Radically Transparent 📖
Transparency and trust underpin both accounting systems and our relationships - it’s core to everything we do and create. We are radically transparent in the way we communicate internally and externally, even when (and especially when) it’s uncomfortable. If we stuff up, you’ll know about it.

In Your Shoes 👟
We put ourselves in the shoes of others, including our customers and teammates. We actively listen before we respond. We commit to our own personal development and growth, so we’re always capable of thinking about our actions from the perspective of those they impact.

Pursue Extraordinary Things 💫
We’re wildly ambitious, fast and efficient in the pursuit of our vision - we say what we’re going to do and we get on with it. We lead by example, holding ourselves accountable to standards we’re proud of. Everyone is empowered to pursue the extraordinary here.

Education First 🎓
Access to education unlocks true transformation - it builds human confidence to tackle the biggest problems. We share our knowledge openly, empowering others to drive change through the power of accounting systems, in a way that’s accessible to everyone.

Where it started

Back in 2021, Co-Founders Jess and Lindsay started an accounting firm with the idea of incorporating sustainability and financial accounting into the normal accounting and reporting process for all clients.

After dealing with the frustration around low quality data, unruly spreadsheets and the weird absence of accountants in the arena, Danny (an accountant of 17 years) planted the idea that instead of growing the firm to solve a problem that required the whole world to engage - we could empower others with the beautiful products, education and support they needed to make change happen.

Thanks to an incredible founding team, Sumday was born.

Welcome to the future of accounting.
We’re so pleased you’re here.

What our investors say.

“In order to accelerate climate investment over the coming decades, we need a better approach to understand how, and precisely to what degree, these investments will reduce our emissions. We need the same rigor in carbon accounting as we demand across financial accounting as table stakes. Sumday is building the tools to make this accessible for every business.”

Michael Tolo

Partner, Blackbird

"Sumday have a true advantage in building a product that understands where carbon accounting is heading and who will be helping businesses grapple with the implications of it (the accountants!) We were even more excited to learn that they’re thinking even *further* ahead to take natural capital accounting into account, which will be the next important wave in addressing the impact that we all have on biodiversity and the planet.”

Cameron Adams

Canva, Co-Founder

"Jessica Richmond, Lindsay Ellis and Danny Hoare deeply understand the future of accounting and the power that’s contained in companies’ ledgers. By changing the way our businesses reconcile their books we can drive systems change and properly incorporate the value of the natural world around us. Wedgetail is incredibly excited to be part of the Sumday journey and help to tackle climate change and nature loss with accountants everywhere!"

Lisa Miller

CEO of Wedgetail