Introducing Sumday’s Newest Customer Obsessed Accountant, Henry Chinchen

April 19, 2024
2 Minutes
Sumday’s exciting new addition to the team is Sydney-based Henry Chinchen.
With an accounting career spanning across Australia and the US, in both industry and within accounting firms, Henry’s unique insights into the needs of local and global firms and corporations makes him an amazing addition to the Sumday team.
Introducing Henry Chinchen.‍

Sumday: Tell us about your background.‍

HC: I started my career in banking in Australia before moving into the world of accounting. My first accounting gig was in business services at Mazars, before then moving to audit at a big four accounting firm in Sydney.

After my time at EY, I moved to San Francisco in the US, where I lived for six years. In the US I worked for Atlassian, managing their global technical accounting and reporting team, as well as leading accounting for the Atlassian venture fund. As a leader in financial reporting, I worked closely with the sustainability reporting team, and as their regulatory landscape was changing I couldn't help but notice how closely it was starting to converge with a language I was all too familiar with… accounting.

I also worked for RSM US, as a Director in their technical accounting group, focusing on the compliance and reporting needs of businesses and developing go-to-market strategies and materials for the firm globally. This included leveraging what I had learned at Atlassian in the creation of a team within the technical accounting group, whose focus was to handle joint engagements with the sustainability reporting team to deliver more holistic services around emissions controls and reporting. 

Sumday: Did you enjoy your time living in the US? 

My time in the US was fantastic. I met my now wife here for one, and it also allowed me to experience a very different perspective on topics, and different ways of doing things that you inevitably get from living abroad. 

I also stayed well connected to the Aussie community in the Bay Area, mainly so that I had other people to rattle off “The Castle” quotes to without getting blank stares. 

Sumday: How did you pivot from traditional financial accounting to sustainability? 

HC: I am a big traveller, and love to explore the vast world we are fortunate enough to enjoy. As a parent I have always been very conscious of how that world has been changing, and wanting to do my part to make sure that the same world I have to enjoy is there for my children, and theirs. 

It was through my time at Atlassian, and their work in the sustainability space, that I first began to see the role accountants have to play in sustainability reporting and became passionate about the impact we could have using our existing skills. RSM then allowed me to grow my interest from an advisory standpoint, and look at the role advisors can play, particularly in companies that might not yet have the internal expertise.  

Sumday: You have been at Sumday for about a week now, what are your first impressions? 

HC: Maybe it's the fresh Tasmanian air, but everyone is super friendly and helpful. I also noticed right away just how front of mind education is at Sumday. The team really understands how quickly the regulatory landscape has changed, and puts such a focus on ensuring advisors and companies have the tools and knowledge they need to tackle those changes. 

Sumday: What are you looking forward to doing at Sumday? 

HC: Regulatory change has happened for most countries, now it's just about how well we manage and understand that change. It's only now starting to dawn on people just how well equipped accountants are to play a role here along with their sustainability colleagues. I am excited to be a part of that journey for people, lending my experience and knowledge to help them with what is probably one of the biggest regulatory reporting changes that we’ve seen for a long time. 

Similarly, as someone with experience in structuring and pricing services for accounting firms, I am also really looking forward to working with our advisors to refine the right go-to-market strategy for them. So many companies rely on accounting firms for support during these transitions and often on an ongoing basis, so they are a vital piece of this puzzle in ensuring companies of all sizes are prepared.‍