Sumday and Baker Tilly US collaborate to deliver client value across GHG accounting

November 17, 2023
3 minutes

Today, Sumday and Baker Tilly US are excited to announce a strategic collaboration to support clients in understanding their GHG emissions to an audit ready standard. This understanding is key for clients in unlocking value both immediately and in the future. As commitment to reducing environmental impact becomes increasingly important to stakeholders such as customers, investors and employees, access to GHG accounting support from a trusted advisor like Baker Tilly is key. With the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory and compliance pressures, GHG accounting is becoming an integral part of regular business operations.

Srinand Yalamanchili, Baker Tilly ESG and sustainability director
“With the regulatory landscape rapidly changing, the need for effective controls over non-financial reporting is more important than ever,” said Srinand Yalamanchili, Baker Tilly ESG and sustainability director.
“The collaboration with Sumday creates a comprehensive and adaptable suite of emissions-reporting solutions that empower organizations to measure, manage, and report their environmental impact.”  

Sumday, supports SMBs through to public companies, we’re both ISO and SOC2 compliant. As companies start to fact the scope 3 challenge, both Sumday and Baker Tilly are ready to assist them.

Jessica Richmond, CEO of Sumday
“Organizations want to understand their emissions and importantly, they want to support their suppliers to start greenhouse gas accounting as well, improving the quality of their scope 3 accounting over time,” said Jessica Richmond, CEO of Sumday.
“Sumday delivers an education first approach, providing online training, accounting software, and technical support to clients and every single company in their supply chain. Auditable carbon accounting and reporting is becoming both a commercial and compliance requirement for many clients, and we're delighted to collaborate with Baker Tilly to help more companies embed carbon as an extension of their financial accounting and reporting.”

Baker Tilly’s collaboration with Sumday enhances organizations' capability to effectively meet emissions-reporting requirements, regardless of their size or industry. Discover Baker Tilly’s comprehensive and industry-focused ESG and sustainability advisory and assurance services: