Sumday Product Release Update

December 21, 2023
1 Min

🚀 Sum Little Updates with a Big Impact

Sumday’s latest quality of life improvements to help you effortlessly account for the things that truly matter.

📈 Tailored Carbon Ledger Selections:

  • Personalized Carbon Ledger Options: Enjoy improved selection options from the carbon ledger. Now, your choices will be tailored based on your location and preferences, ensuring the most accurate and relevant emission factors are at your fingertips. Activity based calculations are what we’re all aiming for where possible but this update will ensure you’ve always got a spend-based backup where the data isn’t yet available.

📍 Improved Scope 3 Worksheets:

  • Location Confirmation: Users are now guided to confirm their primary location before creating any Scope 3 worksheets. This ensures precision by identifying the most suitable emission factor for every worksheet.

📊 Revamped Dashboards:

  • Tailored Display: The 'Activity-based: Residual' tile has been intelligently removed from dashboards where it's irrelevant. The result? More focused and pertinent Scope 3 dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

⚙️ Smoother Scope 3 Residual Calculations:

  • Streamlined Functionality: Improved handling of residual calculations to avoid the system incorrectly identifying that a residual calculation is required. We've fine-tuned the system for seamless and efficient performance.

🤖 Tailored and Fast Support:

  • Enhanced Support Interaction: Our recently released AI help functionality now captures additional information when you make a help request. This enables us to better understand your needs and respond with even more accuracy and speed.