Your scope 3 solution - lead with education

Save costs and build internal knowledge across your finance team

Report on carbon emissions with intuitive accounting software that aligns with global standards

Provide every company in your supply chain with access to free GHG accounting training, tools and support

Enterprise ready

Accounting software for a new era of carbon accounting

Use Sumday for your internal GHG accounting or get started by providing access to your supply chain - it's up to you! There's no net- zero without audit ready emissions data from your supply chain. Sumday helps you get there.  

Bring the finance team along

Sustainability professionals don't want to become accountants. In this new compliance driven world, the carbon accounting needs to be done right. Use Sumday to support your finance team in making carbon an extension of existing accounting and reporting.

One simple link provides support for every supplier

Every business needs to know the emissions of their actual suppliers, rather than some industry average.

You can help suppliers to provide their actual carbon emissions with Sumday. Remove the barriers to consistent, audit ready reporting by providing access to market leading training, tools and support to every supplier, customer or portfolio company.

Build capability across your supply chain and improve the quality of your scope 3 data over time. Bring others along on the journey with Sumday.

Meet stakeholder expectations

Account for and report on carbon emissions

Produce auditable reporting from the outset, and lead by example

Dashboards to visualise where you stand 

How it works

Subscribe to Sumday.

Step 1

Train the team through the Sumday Academy

Step 2

Engage your suppliers + provide  free access to Sumday

Step 3

Gather the data you need to start carbon accounting to an audit ready standard

Step 4

Start carbon accounting in Sumday

Pricing for enterprise

Companies save when they move to Sumday.
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Why Sumday?

We do things a little differently

We're not going to charge you a small fortune to multiply your spend data by some averages and call it a footprint. Sumday empowers your internal team and your external accountants to do the carbon accounting properly.

Things you'll love

Training to help your team understand not just the how, but the why of carbon accounting

Collaborate with your accountants or advisors across the one accounting platform to maintain a source of truth

Tangible support you can pass on to your suppliers, bolstering your ESG strategy


If we haven’t answered your question below, feel free to get in touch

Do you offer discounts for NFPs?

Yes! Sumday provides a 50% discount. Just email and let us know a little about your organisation.

Is access to the Sumday Accounting Support team and training included in our subscription?

Yes it is! We're here to help every step of the way. Carbon accounting may be overwhelming to your team members who are doing it for the first time. Sumday is their new best friend, providing training, tips, tricks, support and examples to help your organisation get started in a positive way.

Can Sumday help us communicate the value of carbon accounting to our suppliers?

Yes. You can pass on free access to Sumday to every supplier, to help them get started (in many cases, they won't have a choice but to get on with carbon accounting, so you can add value through this support). Sumday supports you with materials and webinars to communicate the why behind carbon accounting to your supply chain.

How long does it take to train our finance team in carbon accounting?

The Introduction to Carbon Accounting Course consists of 18 chapters, with around 5 hours of videos and worked examples that may take 2 - 3 hours to complete in total. There's plenty of additional reading and notes to review - so the short answer is, it depends. Some people finish the course in a few days, some a few weeks. Taking 20 hours to complete this course wouldn't be unreasonable.

Here to help

Whether it’s product or accounting support, we have a dedicated team to guide you through the process. We’re here when you need us.